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The fascias are the timber section of your front roof area, where your gutter fixes to.

This timber is prone to rotting. So if you’re having a problem with leaking gutters, have the fascia’s, scotia and gutters looked at now.
It will save you problems in the future. The fascia’s are fixed to the rafters and support the gutters.

Fascia Wet Rot

Wet rot in fascias, scotia or rafters can be caused by continual rain water infiltration due to leaking and blocked gutters or inadequately maintained roof, it only takes between 10-50% moisture content then wet rot develops. There are many varieties of fungi that cause wet rot. The timber fascia’s split along the grain where decayed. There is typically some surface mycelium. There are many types of wet rot and they all attack damp and damaged timber fascia’s.

When the fascia’s are replaced, scaffolding or ladder work stations will be erected to enable the fitters to work.

Firstly the fascias, gutters and scotias are removed. The rafters, tile baton, and roofing felt are inspected checked for any rot. Should there be any defective timber this is replaced.
The new LOSP fascia’s are fitted to the rafters, and then the new gutter is fitted, and finally new LOSP scotia is fitted, (LOSP or Light Organic Solvent Preservative. LOSP is a treatment that is usually a white spirit based solvent to provide protection from insects and decay).

Then the new timber is coated with 2 coats of Duraguard external acrylic paint. The scaffolding is then removed and the working area cleaned.

It makes sense to get your fascia’s, gutters and scotias replaced. It won’t break the bank and you can stop worrying about rotting fascia’s or leaking gutters.

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Adelaide Property Restoration, can provide a full inspection, report and quotation for your gutter & downpipe installation.

From small rusted sections cut away and replaced to full gutter replacements, our tradesman can give 100% customer satisfaction.

The correct maintenance can prevent larger problems from occurring.

Guttering is extremely important to the wellbeing of your home. If gutters and down-pipes are cleaned regularly and the supporting fascia is well maintained, then you should have years of trouble free water management.

When leaves and dust are left in the guttering they eventually build up to a thick layer of moisture retaining debris. This debris can be extermely abrasive and can exposes the gutter to water and enzymes that cause rust. The rust will eventually corrode right through the thickness of the gutter, creating leaky holes along its length.

If you notice that your gutters are overflowing every time you have a decent downpour, this is a good indication that your gutters are full of sludge and debris.

The sludge can also add considerable weight to the gutter, putting extra strain on the gutter mounting brackets, and in some cases even causing the gutter to sag and twist between mounts. If the timber fascia that supports the guttering has begun decaying from wood rot, then it is also much more likely that the added weight will cause the guttering to collapse.

If your guttering has collapsed, despite regular gutter maintenance, there is a very strong chance that the timber fascia has been exposed to wood rot. See our section on fascia’s for more information.

Signs of moisture inside?

Abnormal water anywhere in the home needs immediate investigation. If it’s not a plumbing problem then it is almost certainly due to either a leaking roof or overflowing gutters.

An overflowing gutter or leaking roof may not always seem the obvious source of water because it may not appear inside until well after rain has stopped. This could be because there is a slow leak, or the water pools in the ceiling putting enormous pressure on the flooded area. Sometimes you may not even see any visible water, only patches of mould that you have never seen before. Where there is mould there is moisture, and it needs to be stopped.

What happens if I do nothing?

The integrity of the ceiling will eventually be so compromised that it will become weak, begin to sag and eventually may even collapse. Mould on ceilings or walls are a serious health mrisk and will only get worse.

Electrical wiring may be damaged and short out.

Plaster on brick or stonewalls will break down and fall off.

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Brighton - Exterior Refurb

General Building & Repairs

Rooms altered, framing of walls, doorways blocked up.

Decks designed & built.

Verandahs, repaired, altered, restored or demolished and rebuilt.

All general building work, repairs & maintenance.

Kitchens & bathrooms altered.

Adelaide Property Restoration follows a strict quality assurance program to ensure outstanding results, minimal disturbance and managed time-frames for your property,
interior or exterior, small jobs and large.


Proper preparation, repair of underlying faults and restoration of surfaces are pre-requisites for a superb finish. Clean, heavy-duty drop sheets and plastic sheeting will be used to protect your property and removed at the end of each day’s work, leaving the area clean and tidy and, where possible, ready for use.

On completion of the project, your property will be left clean and dust-free. The only thing remaining will be an impeccable finish.

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